28 नवंबर 2019

Reverse Charge Machanism (RCM) GST

What is RCM in GST?

RCM ka pura nam Reverse Charge Machnism hota H.

Goods & Service par RCM applicable Hota h Niymanusar.

- Ydi Registered Dealer Unregistered Dealer  se Goods/Service   
  leta h to  Registered Dealer ko   us Goods/Service ka Tax  Government  ko jama karana hota Hai to use Reverse Charge Machanism Of Gst Kaha  jata Hai.

- RCM Deposite karane ki jimedari  Registered Dealer ki hoti Hai.

- Farmer se Goods purchase karane par Registered Dealer ko Bill bi banana hoga.


Purcahse  10000 dr
Unregistered person  10000 cr
yadi goods ka tax rate 5 % h to 

Tansaction in Journal. 

Input CGST  =250 dr
Input SGST = 250 dr
                                To Sgst RCM  =250 CR
                                 To CGST RC =250 CR

Payment karane par

  CGST RCM  =250 DR
  SGST RCM= 250 DR
                                  To Bank A/c = 500 CR

-Unregistered Dealer or any person ko Rcm tax diposite nahi karana hota h 

- Time To Time  RCM Deposite Nahi Karane Par Late fees or Interest bhi Pay Karana Hota Hai.
-  Services

GTA (Transporter) se  10000 Rs ki Service kisi Registered Dealer ne li Ha to
Registered Dealer ko 10000 Rs ka 5 %  Gst Pay Karana hota . Ye h  RCM.

-Rcm Goods/Service dene wale ko nahi Receive karane wale ko Pay karana hota.*
jo alag-alag service par niyamanusar pay karana hota h.

GTA (Goods Transport Agency)

- Jo 6% CGST Pay Na karata Ho 
- Freight 750 Rs Kam H to RCM Nahi hoga.

RCM kon Pay karega?

- Factory, Society, Co-oprative Society , GST Registered Dealer, Partnership Firm, Casual Tax Person.

Goods and Services  RCM applicable h- 

-kaju, Bidi, Tambaku, Lotory, Use vichle, Raw Cotton,
               Any Person, Farmer

- Legal Service
                   An individual Advocate, Firm of Advocate
                   Senior Advocate.
-Arbitrate Services
-Sponsorship Services 
                    Any Person.
-Govt. Services
                  Central Govt. State Govt Sevices
-Services By Directors
                 Director of company or Body corporate
-Insurance Agent Services
                Insurance Agents
-Recovering Agent Services
                Recovery Agent
-Copyright Services
                Music Composer,  Photographer, Artist 
-Services by Member
- and others 

Note-*for educational purpose  see rule or regulation for more details.

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